4 Ways to Detect Heat Loss from Windows & Doors This Winter

Why Am I Always Cold? Heat is like a defiant escape artist, always on the look out for low-quality windows, poorly sealed doors and walls without proper insulation. Once set free, heat will carry your money and your cozy interior […]

Changes in Bathroom Remodeling: Bathroom Ventilation 101

Avoiding Mold, Mildew & Mayhem Throughout the winter months most species of outdoor molds go dormant. Nevertheless, you’ll find that your bathroom’s shower has the makings of an active biosphere—especially during the winter. Modern bathrooms have fans that remove the […]

5 Conditions that Affect Condensation & 2 Causes of Temporary Condensation

Conditions That Affect Condensation in Your Home The basic principle of reducing window condensation is extremely simple. When there is too much condensation on your windows, it means that humidity is too high in your home. You should take necessary […]

7 Practical Steps to Control Humidity in Your Home

How to Reduce Humidity David Bareuther, Associated Press Building editor, sums up the problem of reducing humidity in this way. He says there are only three ways to reduce humidity: CONTROLLING SOURCES OF HUMIDITY: For instance, venting all gas burners, clothes […]

What is Humidity and How Does Moisture Get Trapped in Tight Spaces?

What is Humidity? Humidity, water vapor, moisture, steam. They’re all the same. They are all one form of water. Humidity is an invisible gas. It is present in varying quantities in nearly all air. THIS MOISTURE IN WET AIR TRIES […]

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