100 Year History

100-Years-LogoReliability. Trust. Quality. Value. These are the ideas on which Bennett Contracting was first founded in 1915. As a third generation family run house contractor business based in Albany, NY, we are proud to stand behind the belief that every project, no matter how big or small, deserves our utmost attention and care. What began as a small plumbing business has currently expanded to a substantial company with a fleet of over 30 cars, trucks and trailers and 60 full-time professional employees.



1915:  Dan (D.A.) Bennett opens a plumbing shop in a rented garage in Delmar.

Showroom 1915

“Dan learned his trade as a steam fitter on the railroad. In 1915 indoor plumbing and central heating was the latest ‘new thing’ and tradesmen were starting to learn and service this new technology. Dan paid his men in cash daily and picked up extra workers by driving a truck to a corner in Albany and hiring guys for the day. He wrote his contracts on the inside of old envelopes.”  – Greg Jackson, Owner, Bennett Contracting, Inc.


1945:  Gill Drake and Bud McCormack, Dan’s son-in-laws, return from WWII and join the company, making D.A. Bennett Plumbing & Heating a true family business. D. A. Bennett continues to grow along with the village of Delmar where it is located.

1976/77:  Tom Drake, Dan’s grandson, begins his career at D.A. Bennett going to work for his dad, Gill. Tom’s childhood friend, Paul Gutman, is working in the insulation industry and advises Bennett to invest in the insulation business. Greg Jackson, another of Dan Bennett’s grandsons, is brought in to start the D. A. Bennett Insulation Company (DABIC).

1978:  Paul Gutman joins Greg Jackson as co-owner of DABIC.
“At the time we did less in one year then we do in a week today. Bennett’s office was in a warehouse where bags of insulation were stacked to make walls. The ‘office’ operated with one double desk, one rotary phone, and trips to the library with dimes for the photocopy machine. Back then phone companies charged commercial customers for every outgoing call. One of my uncles told me, ‘Don’t call any one back, if it’s important, they will call you!’”   –  Greg Jackson, Owner, Bennett Contracting, Inc.

1979/80:  More family members continue to join the company and DABIC begins to expand beyond insulation.

1984:  Paul Gutman and Greg Jackson buy out their cousin Tom Drake, and move the business to their current location at 693 South Pearl Street in Albany, NY.  Bennett Contracting, Inc. is formed.

“During these years the company sort of came of age and grew from 10 employees to 60.  It expanded beyond insulation into a full-service remodeling firm with the development of our commercial, insurance and home remodeling businesses. We increased our kitchen and bath business by 1000% and built a 6,000sqft warehouse, a 4,000sqft office addition, and purchased the building next door.”    – Paul Gutman, Owner, Bennett Contracting, Inc.

2012:  Today Bennett Contracting, Inc. is bigger, stronger and positioned as the trusted leader in providing customers with high quality service, experience and expert workmanship throughout the Capital Region.