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Reliability. Trust. Quality. Value.

These are the ideas on which Bennett Contracting was first founded in 1915. As a third generation family run house contractor business based in Albany, NY, we are proud to stand behind the belief that every project, no matter how big or small, deserves our utmost attention and care. What began as a small plumbing business has currently expanded to a substantial company with a fleet of over 35 cars, trucks and trailers and 70 full-time professional employees.

Company Timeline

1915:  Dan (D.A.) Bennett opens a plumbing shop in a rented garage in Delmar, NY.

“Dan learned his trade as a steam fitter on the railroad.  In 1915 indoor plumbing and central heat were a “new thing” and he was able to take his skills and move into this new industry.  Things were simpler then, workers paid in cash at the end of the day and contracts written on the back of old envelopes.” 

-Greg Jackson, Co-Founder Bennett Contracting.


1945:  Dan’s sons-in-law Gill and Bud return form WWII and join the company, which becomes DA Bennett Plumbing & Heating.  The company enjoys strong post war growth along with the Bethlehem community.


1976:  Gil’s son Tom joins the company and at the suggestion of long time friend Paul Gutman starts an insulation business.  Greg Jackson, another grandson, joins to run the new insulation company, DA Bennett Insulation Company.


1978:  Paul Gutman join Greg Jackson as co-owners of the DA Bennett Insulation Company.

“At the time we started the insulation business we did less work in a year than we do now in a week.  Our office was a warehouse our office walls were bags on insulation.  We shared a double desk and single rotary phone, if you needed a photo copy you took a dime and went to the library.”  

-Greg Jackson, Co-Founder Bennett Contracting.


1984:  Paul and Greg become the sole owners of the newly named Bennett Contracting, Inc.  They move the business to their current location at 693 S Peral St in Albany, NY.

“During these years the company came of age and grew from 10 employees to over 70 today.  It expanded beyond insulation into a full-service remodeling firm, with the development of our insurance, commercial, and home remodeling services.  Our kitchen and bath business increased 1000%.  We have since added adjacent land and built offices, showroom and warehousing.” 

-Paul Gutman, Co-Founder Bennett Contracting.


Today:  The company is now in the hands of Andrew and Kevin Gutman, Paul’s sons and current owners.  “We are committed to continue our 100 plus year tradition of quality and integrity in the remodeling and renovation business.  Dedicating ourselves to the success of our employees and the service of our customers, neighbors and friends.”

-Andrew Gutman, President Bennett Contracting.

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