Maintaining, Repairing & Replacing Wood Windows


Maintaining Wood Windows

In order for you to stay on-top of wood window maintenance, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Wood frames inevitably trap moisture and can rot, but if properly cared for, they yield longevity. Wood can be high-maintenance compared to vinyl, and there are certain ways to maximize their lifespan. Here are 5 common problems and some simple solutions that can help:

  1. Cold drafts, large gaps: apply silicone caulking to seal against the weather
  2. Moisture saturation:  have a contractor apply aluminum capping on exterior trim casings to avoid rot
  3. Chipping paint: remove paint with scraper, apply putty over dents, sand, prime, paint
  4. Swelling sticky sashes: apply candle wax to facilitate movement
  5. Exterior fungus: use an over the counter fungicide

Repairing Wood Windows

Repairing wood windows can be a formidable task depending on the model and make. While there are comprehensive steps for repairing wood windows, like WOODEN STORM WINDOWS, the process takes time, a variety of tools and a one-by-one approach that can test the patience of any ardent do-it-yourselfer. Although wooden frames are put together so that they can be easily taken apart and repaired, not all wood windows are created equal—many need to be replaced all together.

Replacing Wood Windows

Replacing wood windows with mold and mildew around their aging frames is the right decision for those looking to save long-term on time and money and maintain internal temperatures effectively. Our previous post, CHOOSING REPLACEMENT WINDOWS FOR YOUR HOME: VINYL VS. WOOD, provides an outline of relevant characteristics and details you need to know before you make your decision—consider your options.

What’s Next?

In our upcoming post, “When You’re Done with Wood Windows,” we’ll delve into the details of where to go from your decision to replace your aged frames. For more information on replacing doors and windows, contact us with your questions today!