When You’re Done with Wood: Fiberglass and Vinyl Window Options


3 things to know about woodless windows

While wood windows are classic and beautiful, they come needing a high level of maintenance and a hefty price tag. Quality frames and sills made out of fiberglass or vinyl can be just as classic and beautiful without the required maintenance wood brings to the table. However, there are many more fiberglass and vinyl window options that should be considered by home owners looking for these things from their windows.

Fiberglass & Vinyl Similarities

  1. High Returns on Investment: energy efficiency
  2. Low maintenance: easy to clean and easy to keep clean
  3. Durability: warp and dent resistance; they hold strong against repetitive use
  4. Variety: anything can be done with vinyl, colors and shapes are of no concern
  5. Insect resistant: you won’t find insects that burrow into vinyl or fiberglass in the Northeast!

Fiberglass & Vinyl Differences

Vinyl Windows: These PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride or Poly) based frames are the most common alternative to wood windows. They’re non-organic, and thereby last the longest out of all window options.  Like fiberglass windows, they don’t splinter, rust or rot but unlike fiberglass full PVC windows are acclaimed as being made up of the most affordable sills and panes on the market.

Fiberglass Windows: These GRP (Glass-reinforced Plastic) based frames can be easily painted like wood yet require no treatments.  They’re lighter in weight than PVC but—like PVC—are dent resistant. Fiberglass expands and contracts like glass; therefore, fiberglass panes do very well through a year of changing temperature fluctuations.

What’s next?

In our next post, Bay vs. Bow Windows, we’ll spell out how bows and bays are two different styles. For more information on window installation, window repair or window maintenance, contact us today with your questions or visit our project page!