Wood Decking Options: Pressure Treated Lumber & Hardwood Decking


In our last post, SYNTHETIC DECKING OPTIONS: COMPOSITE DECKING & PVC DECKING, we delved into the details of synthetic choices. In this post, we’ll look at the organic options available to you. Choosing dependable, attractive wood decking isn’t a task to be taken lightly. You’re looking for a durable product that’s resilient to rain and ice while at the same time beautifully complimenting your home’s exterior. Your options for wood decking materials should support the look and feel of your property (e.g. consider your foundation, colors, styles, etc.), but these aren’t the only things you need to consider. The following details of pressure treated lumbers and other wood decking options will guide you through choosing optimal planks for your American porch.

Pressure-Treated Lumber Decking & Other Wood Decking

Pressure-treated lumber in its raw form is easily identifiable. For decades this slightly green material has been used to fashion long-lasting decks. Most porches in America are made with this lumber, which is both affordable and dependable. It can be stained, painted or dyed to your preference, while still retaining the treatments that make this versatile choice a best-seller. Pressure-treated lumber is:

  1. sturdier than many plastics on the market due to its treatment
  2. because of its treatment,  the most resilient product for areas of heavy precipitation
  3. easily and cheaply scaled down in thickness for preference
  4. unlike composite or PVC planks, pressure-treated lumber is rom trees, 100%
  5. lightweight and easily carried, installed or replaced

Other wood decking options can be roughly characterized into three groups. There’re cedars, redwoods and tropical hardwoods like mahogany. These are highly coveted materials for both their look and appeal, and are strong, hearty components with which to build your American porch. They require the most TLC out of any decking materials, and although bi-annual staining and sanding can be a challenge, hardwoods are the pinnacle of the American Porch. Wood decking is:

  1. easily sealed, to keep out moisture and to secure longevity
  2. considered the most exclusive of  materials for its natural grain
  3. versatile, as it can be stained and dyed to suit your preference
  4. oftentimes the most coveted, valued aspect of a home’s exterior
  5. a very high ROI when it comes to resale, if kept in good condition

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