Whether it’s creating the bathroom of your dreams, or improving the functionality of your existing bath, Bennett’s project managers will guide you through the necessary steps to create the perfect room to fit your family’s needs. Whether you need a full remodel of your outdated bathroom or just the installation of a new walk-in shower, Bennett’s got you covered!

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We believe our great success is due to the aspects of our company that set us apart from our competition and make us one of the most trusted names in remodeling and contracting in the Capital region.

• Quality brand name products and guarantees
• Professional, highly skilled carpenters and craftsmen
• Best in class training and safety measures
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We set the bar high, delivering the quality service and workmanship our customers have come to rely on.

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Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel

Gives a clean look and feel: Remodeling your bathroom is as refreshing as it can get! Nothing makes a bathroom feel more luxurious than a sleek, clean upgrade. By doing a full bathroom remodel, it can have your bathroom look and feel like you’re staying in a 5-star hotel all the time!

Better storage and accessibility: Not only is the look important with a new bathroom, but having improved storage and accessibility is key to the perfect bathroom. By upgrading your outdated and lacking bathroom, you can live in a home where storage and accessibility to whatever you may need, is not forgotten. With all the added space for items like haircare, toothbrushes, soaps and more, the only thing you will ask yourself is why hadn’t you upgraded sooner!

Save money & be eco-friendly: Replacing old or leaky faucets and upgrading to better and more eco-friendly products, allows you to save more money in the long run. When upgrading your bathroom, try installing sustainably-sourced tile and flooring as well as wall materials. This not only is an eco-friendly choice, but it gives a clean and refreshed look to your bathroom.  

Transforms your bathroom into a peaceful sanctuary: A clean bathroom remodel will make you enjoy getting ready every morning and starting off a fresh new day. A beautifully installed new bathtub will make you want to bathe and relax in your free time. By upgrading your bathroom today, it lets you change the way you can relax and get ready every morning. 


FAQ about Bathroom Remodeling

What adds the most value to a bathroom?

The way to add the most value to your bathroom is by increasing the size of the room, or at least making it look bigger. One way to do this is by removing a bathtub and installing a glass door walk-in shower. This gives the appearance of greater space in the bathroom, while upgrading and creating a sleeker look. Adding better light fixtures and fresh paint also give the room a more valuable appearance. 

What is trending in a bathroom remodel?

A white, clean, contemporary look is not always the trend for bathrooms. Nowadays, homeowners are becoming more wild in their preferences. They are still keeping things modern, but are adding quartz countertops and some fun to their walls and floors. Pops of color or fun prints are being added while still keeping up with a clean look, filled with the latest technology. By remodeling your bathroom today, you can keep up with the trends by replacing your lighting fixtures or tile floor to something more exciting, yet clean. 

How often does a bathroom need remodeling?

It is important to renovate your bathroom and make sure it is upgraded every 7-10 years. This ensures everything is safe and up to date with the latest technology for your bathroom. Different elements of your bathroom may need to be upgraded sooner than others. 

How can I make my bathroom look expensive?

To make your bathroom look expensive, you should incorporate light and neutral colors throughout. Remodel your bathroom with gorgeous lighting, soft textiles and an upgraded shower head or bath. These upgrades help your bathroom feel much more luxurious. Including white linens and neutral accessories allow the bathroom to remain simple yet lavish. Add simple flowers and greenery as well, to turn it into a place of serenity. 

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