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Bennett has earned a reputation within the vinyl window industry for installing products that provide a high degree of customization combined with outstanding quality and energy efficiency.

For the energy-efficient the Endure vinyl window line from ProVia we have chosen the optimum levels of technology to make a window that will work continually at peak performance. Endure windows provide all that you would expect from high-performance ENERGY STAR certified vinyl windows, using much less energy to stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and provide more comfort all year round.


Replacement windows are installed when you have an existing wood framed window. The existing wooden sashes and the track they operate in are removed. The new unit is installed inside the “pocket” of the existing wood frame. Because most of the interior trim can remain intact, it is not an invasive method, and thus it is the fastest and most cost effective method of installation. Typically, you cannot install a replacement unit if you are removing an existing vinyl window with built-in nailing flange. 


  • Interior trim can remain
  • Fastest method
  • Lowest Cost
  • Exterior trim or brickmold can remain
  • Least invasive, not a lot of demolition required


  • You typically will lose some visible glass
  • If the original window was not insulated around frame, you cannot access that space
  • Potential loss of original aesthetic of windows

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