New Construction Windows (Create New Openings)

Bennett Contracting has the experience carpenters on staff to create new window openings in your home, move windows or even eliminate a window.  Also, we are finding many newer homes built since the 1990’s have windows that are already beginning to fail and need replacement. Some of these “builder windows” are of an inferior construction and don’t last very long before they need to be replaced.


  1. Creating a brand new opening where a window did not previously exist, or expand an existing opening for a larger window.
  2. If you have an original vinyl window that you are replacing, you typically need to remove the entire unit and frame, down to the rough opening. This means the interior trim and jamb extensions should be removed. On the outside, the brickmold and siding should be pulled back. The new construction unit is installed with nailing flanges, butyl tape flashing is installed and insulation is applied to any gaps between the window frame and framing. New jamb extensions and interior trim are then installed to finish.


  • Maintain maximum visible light
  • Guarantee proper insulation is applied
  • Guarantee proper flashing is applied
  • New trim on interior and exterior 
  • Highest energy efficiency level


  • More labor intensive, longer install
  • Higher cost
  • More invasive, interior trim replaced

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