Will Energy-Efficient Windows Help Me This Winter?

bay window on brick home

Every winter homeowners lose money because homes need to be filled with heat to keep cold air out and of course, heat costs money. Whether you rely on gas, wood, coal, oil or electricity, you are spending money to fill your home with heat. Sometimes this can influence homeowners to exchange their oil furnace for a wood stove or alternate to gas rather than use electricity.

One major factor that accounts for heat leaks is poor insulation another is loose drafty, single-pane windows.  If your windows are more than 15 years old, leaky windows, heat will escape from your home and you’ll find yourself paying significantly more for heating costs. It’s crucial to have insulated windows, especially with those harsh New York winters.

Whether you need double or triple pane glass windows, Bennett Contracting will provide you with fast and affordable window installations. While many insist on purchasing new windows for aesthetic purposes, it’s important to consider the price you will pay in the winter for having poor insulation. Energy efficient windows will help to reduce heat loss and pay out much less to energy companies.

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