Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen

For many first-time home buyers, the dream of a brand new re-modeled kitchen is something they desire from the first day the buy their home. In modern homes, the kitchen has become the gathering place for when family and guests visit. This has created a design environment where kitchens need to both be practical for cooking and inviting and welcoming for when you are hosting. If you are finally starting the process of a kitchen remodel keep the following in mind:

What Type Of Cook Are You? Would you consider yourself an amateur chef? Always trying new dishes to impress your friends? You may want to focus on the practicality of your kitchen. Large counter tops, multiple ovens, and a double range could be a priority.

Type of Island: If your kitchen is more of a space to gather with friends, you might want an island that Is meant to be sat at with barstools. If your more of a cook, we see people use the island as a food-prep area with an extra sink to help with preparation.

Storage: How much kitchen equipment do you have? Do you plan to expand your current arsenal of cutting boards, pots, pans, dutch ovens, and knives? Do you frequently have large dinner parties and have tons of plates, bowls & serving pans? If so you’ll want to focus on storage in your kitchen. Cupboards and under counter storage will be critically important.

Shelving Near The Range: For at home chefs, arguably the most important area of their kitchen is the oven and stove top range. We recommend designing shelving near your range to accommodate the various oils and spices you will use while cooking. Additional storage you chef knives will also come in handy.

For those homeowners in the Capitol Region looking to begin their kitchen remodeling project today, Contact Bennett Contracting to begin!