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At Bennett Contracting, we try to align with the highest quality manufacturers and products. Marvin windows are undoubtedly and exceptional window, and exceptional windows deserve an exceptional installation. When you choose Marvin, you are also choosing Bennett Contracting. You will gain the benefits of beautiful design, outstanding performance and durability, along with the confidence that they were installed by a highly respected local contractor.

Marvin’s 3 Window Collections

Marvin Signature Ultimate Collection ($$$$)

Uncompromising quality, beautiful design, craftsman construction, and a vast selection of shapes, styles, sizes, and options. These wood windows can come with an aluminum clad exterior or can be all wood exterior for a historical application. With full customization and versatility across architectural styles, Ultimate windows and doors can be used in a wide range of projects, including traditional, contemporary, transitional, historic, craftsman, or whatever style inspires you.

Marvin Elevate Collection ($$$)

Strike the perfect balance of beauty and strength. Utilizes Marvin’s Ultrex fiberglass windows, but with a wooden interior. Elevate brings together remarkable design and superior strength, bringing balance to your style and performance needs. Patented fiberglass exteriors stand up to all elements, while warm wood interiors add timeless beauty.

Marvin Essential Collection ($$)

These all Ultrex windows are the most sleek and slim reveal replacement windows you will find. The Marvin Essential collection brings together advanced technology, quality, design and performance in one offering. Strong, durable fiberglass exteriors and interiors are both striking and virtually maintenance-free. Streamlined options make the order process straightforward, while clean lines and versatile styles make it easy to meet project demands.

Marvin’s Patented ULTREX

Ultrex fiberglass is durable, impact-resistant and extremely rigid, more so than vinyl and vinyl/wood composites. This means extra stability and perfect alignment, which makes for smoother installation and establishes a secure, long-lasting fit that stays square and true, year after year.

Ultrex is stable… it expands and contracts at the same rate as glass, so it works with glass rather than against it. This means seals are not as prone to failing and windows aren’t subjected to sagging issues like other composites. This is also a big advantage over vinyl, which can expand and contract at much higher rates in extreme high and low temperatures.

Windows and doors made with Ultrex hold up much better against scratches and dings compared to vinyl and composite. The bonded acrylic finish is up to three times thicker than painted competitive finishes, and it resists UV deterioration up to five times longer than vinyl, even on dark colors.

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