Kids Heading to College? Renovate that Empty Space

Renovating your son or daughter’s room once they leave for college takes a lot of time and consideration. There are many factors to take into account prior to renovating, including whether the children have permanently moved out and how much space you otherwise have in the home.

If you know for certain that your child will not be returning or may just be popping in for holidays, it’s perfectly fine to begin the renovation. But where do you begin? Think about what you would like to transform this room into. Are you seeking a guest room, home gym, office or perhaps a den? Maybe you would like to indulge in a nice piece of literature. Consider transforming the extra room into a reading room filled with plush couches and cozy chairs. Utilize the room for prized possessions such as fine art, vintage toys, photography or memorabilia. Let your imagination run wild with ideas!

Even if you are opposed to doing a major remodel, consider hiring Bennett Contracting for minor remodeling such as painting, replacing worn-out floors and other subtle updates. One of the major things to ruminate is your plans for the home in the next five or ten years. Ask yourself the following questions, “Am I trying to improve the resale value of my home?” and “Do I want to stay put and convert the unused space into guest accommodations?”

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