Home Remodeling in Delmar, NY

This Delmar couple has had Bennett do a number of projects since they moved in a few years ago.  They knew the day they bought the house that the kitchen had to go.  Bennett removed the rear wall and converted the porch area to a family room, creating a modern open kitchen floor plan.  The basement stairs were relocated to make more room too.  The use of contrasting cabinets color defines the space, and old world keepsakes decorate the cabinets and shelves.  The vaulted ceiling creates the feeling of a larger room too.

The basement stairs were relocated into an unused bedroom, along with a new first floor laundry room.  No more lugging the laundry up and down the stairs.  With the new found basement space came a new sports room or “man-cave” for him.

What’s next on the list?  Plans for a bathroom remodel next year.