The Great American Porch Series


Creating an inviting first step for a welcoming home

The front porch is as American as apple pie, football and the fourth of July. And whether you live in a Victorian, Colonial, Ranch and Cottage style home, there’s a good chance that the porch was one of the features that sold you on living there. As Spring turns into Summer, Americans are pulling out the rockers, setting up the swing and opening the doors to outdoor living; and the porch will be the first place people meet and greet our friends and neighbors.

Questions about Building, Replacing or Repairing Porches

So, what happens when the porch starts showing its age? The paint starts to peel; the boards creak or start to split, and you know something must be done. Then you have to ask some serious questions: Should I repair my porch or rebuild it? What kind of decking should I use? What materials are the most affordable? Which materials are most eco-friendly? Which require the least maintenance?

Upcoming Answers

Over the next month or so, we’ll delve into the details of repairing porches—both covered and uncovered; front porches and back—to give you the facts you need to get your porch back to peak condition. Watch for these upcoming topics in our series on porches:

  • Repair or rebuild: Deciding whether to replace weak elements or build anew;
  • The right materials for the job: low maintenance vs. natural finishes
  • Wood decking: Choosing between tongue & groove pine, mahogany and others
  • Manmade decking: Considering the new options of PVC, Azek, Trex and others
  • Railings & Columns: The finishing touches make a big difference

Summer in the Northeast is too short for most of us. Get outside and enjoy it. If your porch isn’t up to family get-togethers, now is the time to make improvements so you can get fill enjoyment out of your home’s most welcoming feature.

Where to go and what to look for from here

For more information on covered porches, uncovered porches, decking, porch replacement or porch construction, visit our porch project page or contact us with your questions today! Watch for the next installment in our porch series: “Choosing Deck Materials for The Perfect Porch: what characteristics to look for from decking material.”