Energy Efficient Windows: 5 Important Things About Window Replacement in Albany NY


Offsetting the rising costs of heating with energy efficient solutions

Information on heating costs was recently published by a leading organization, and the data has our attention here in the Capital Region. AARP’s public policy institute projected that: “homeowners living in NY might experience new [heating] costs… upwards of 13%.” New Yorkers have been paying the second highest electric bill in the nation for years—60% above the national average, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Never before will energy efficient windows play such an important role in making up the difference between saving and spending this winter and the next.

So what do you need to know about replacement windows to get maximum benefit in heat savings? Here are five things to consider when replacing windows in your home.

Energy efficient windows—those that qualify for Energy Star approval:

  1. Low-E Glass: these coatings reflect infrared light that will enable insulation, keeping heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer.
  2. Warm Edge Spacers: these keep the glass panes the correct distance apart. Specific spaces have insulated pane edges, further reducing heat transfer.
  3. Gas Fills: insulating the space between panes better than air, argon, krypton or other gasses that are odorless, colorless and non-toxic are often present in energy-efficient windows.
  4. Multiple Panes: two or more panes manifest a greater energy-efficiency. These increase impact resistance and sound insulation as well.
  5. Quality Frame Materials: insulating frames that are both strong but also low-maintenance are best for homeowners looking to optimize their savings.

Detecting Heat Loss

20% of your home’s heat loss can come from doors and windows, but that percentage—named by international associations—will vary based on how many doors and windows you have in your home (and how large, small or insulated they are). For more information on how to detect heat loss in your home or Window Replacement in Albany NY, consult our previous post: 4 WAYS TO DETECT HEAT LOSS FROM WINDOWS & DOORS THIS WINTER, or take a look at our official page on WINDOWS / DOORS projects.