Double-Hung Replacement Windows in Albany, NY

Replacing your home’s windows is one of the best ways to allow more light into your home and boost your home’s value. Of all of the window styles out there, double-hung is by far the most popular option for homeowners. They’re so popular because of their versatility, simplicity, and affordability. At Bennett Contracting, we install vinyl and composite double-hung windows to fit the needs of homeowners.

Double-hung windows let you show off your style. Windows have a huge impact on the inside and outside of your home. Double-hung windows give you more flexibility than single-hung windows because both sashes of the window are operable. The top sash is fixed in single hung windows, while double-hung windows let you move both sashes.


One of the main features of any window should be ventilation. After all, windows are separating your home from the outdoors. The ability to move the top sash of your window, as well as the bottom, allows for supreme ventilation. Letting in more light and fresh air makes your home a more comfortable place. Lowering the top sash can allow warm air to exit your home, while cool air can enter through the raised bottom sash. This type of ventilation isn’t possible with single-hung windows. Double-hung windows are easy to clean because you make get into every part of the window to clean it.


All homeowners are looking to make their homes more energy-efficient and lower their energy bills. Double-hung windows provide an airtight seal that allows your home to be more comfortable and better regulated. The windows that our team at Bennett Contracting provides are all ENERGY STAR certified to meet requirements set by the EPA. Whether you prefer vinyl or a wood window option, we offer superiorly efficient windows. Maintaining energy efficiency is a strength of double-hung windows because they can be cleaned so easily.

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Why Bennett Contracting for Double-Hung Window Replacement in Albany, NY?

At Bennett Contracting, our team works with top window manufacturers to ensure that all of our window installation projects look beautiful. We’ve become a leader in home remodeling in New York’s Capital region through quality, skilled work, and guarantees that we stand by. Window replacement services are one of our team’s most requested services, and double-hung windows are the most popular window type. Their affordability, flexibility, efficiency, and more make them an excellent fit for any home. We offer free estimates to homeowners. Contact us today to get started. 

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