Can I Replace My Window in the Winter?

While many contractors prefer warmer weather to execute home renovations, Bennett Contracting is pleased to offer window installations in the winter. Installation may be a longer process in the winter due to installers putting a plastic tent around the opening to seal out the cold air. Generally, the opening will only be exposed to the weather for roughly 20 minutes to an hour.

Since new products are prepped for installation, the process moves along fairly quickly. When the old window is removed, the opening is cleaned and some alterations are made, such as replacing rotting wood. After this, the window is placed into the opening, leveled and lastly, secured.

Exterior paint cannot be applied in the cold weather but if you add a cedar trim, this material will stay intact throughout the winter. A pre-primed cedar is a great option and even natural raw cedar will last through a few winter months.

How Do I Know if I Need My Windows Replaced?

You should have your windows replaced if you can feel air flow coming in. If there is condensation between the two panes of glass in your double pane window, this means there is a seal failure. Condensation on the interior means there is a moisture issue that needs to be remedied. The moisture level of a home should be between 30-32% humidity. If not, you risk hitting the dew point which leads to condensation.

Helpful Hint: Don’t close blinds all the way. Leave them two inches from the bottom of the windowsill to allow warm air to penetrate the glass. This will help condensation from happening.

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