Basement Remodeling: The Short-Term Benefits


The Return on Remodeling Investment Starts Now

Making a separate space for you and your kin will prove to be enhancing, refreshing and valuable—far beyond resale’s bottom line. Understanding the long-term benefits is important, but if a homeowner focuses too much on the impact on resale, they’re overlooking the more immediate returns. Don’t lose sight of the short-term benefits, as they encompass the substantial return on your investment. Here are just a few of the many possible benefits and and directions in which you could take a renovation.

Making Your Home More Comfortable

The single best reason to undertake a basement remodeling project is for the enjoyment of your family. Expanding your living space in and of itself brings about a higher level of comfort and satisfaction. These new options reap leisurely benefits for years to come.

The Den/Entertainment Center: Ever walk into a cozy family den complete with a television or fireplace (or both)? Living rooms don’t have to be where all the fun happens; there is always something special about a subterranean lounge, complete with carpeting and the trappings of home. How about a big screen TV, home theater sound and comfortable seating for all?

The Children’s Playroom: Any parent of a young child knows of the endless struggle between keeping a room clean and keeping a child occupied with toys. Why not keep those toys and spaces separate from the more formal area’s of the house? In a basement, you can utilize wall space for a chalk board. You can build shelves to hold books and games. You can have space for arts and crafts, learning materials, and movies.  Reclaim your living room, so that you can walk through it without a tripping hazard!

Hosting & Entertaining Space

The Guest Room: If out-of-town relatives or friends who are looking to crash at your place, what options do you have to offer them (aside from the couch)? It’s a versatile option that can be brought about by adding a fold-out (or fold-down) bed, or by putting in a twin (or even a bunk bed) for visiting grandkids.

The Downstairs Bar: Consider the get-togethers you could host and the parties to be had with an open concept gathering room or a bar? Be it modest or sizeable, it’ll add a bit of life and laughter to your home. With these additions come the memories you’re looking to share.

Practical Space for Your Family

The Home Office: If you’re strapped for space to get some work done at home, you should consider the benefits of a home office. Not only can it be used to forward your career, it can be used to forward your family’s agenda. A computer room provides the silence and solace for research, for surfing the web, for getting the job done.

A Place to Pursue Interests

The Hobby Room: If you or a loved one is into music, fishing, movies, visual arts, reading and more, a space designed, decorated and furnished to suit, will foster more satisfaction in their leisure pursuits. A storage space could be turned into a place to showcase and putter with various instruments, tools or exercise equipment; the choice is yours to make.

For information about re-sale and other perks of basement renovation, consult our previous post, THE TOP TWO LONG-TERM BENEFITS of renovating a basement and get in touch for your free estimate.