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Windows are meant to provide your home with bountiful amounts of natural light and ventilate it well. Not many window options do these things better than awning windows. The easy operation of these windows makes them great, and their design in which they open from the bottom allows you to open them, even when it’s raining outside. Awning windows are one of the best replacement window options for Albany residents. Contact our team at Bennett Contracting today to learn more.

Easy to Use Awning Windows

The ease of use is a huge benefit of awning windows, similar to casement windows, awning windows have a single sash, but the hinge is on the top instead of the bottom. They’re often crank-operated, making them excellent candidates for places above countertops, sinks, and in basements. The hinge at the top allows awning windows to be opened during inclement weather. This is great because you dont’ have to worry about leaving the windows open when the weather suddenly turns. We work with the top window manufacturers in the nation to provide our clients with the best awning windows from Andersen, Marvin, Provia, Pella & more.

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Protection & Class

Awning windows offer a simple yet elegant design but also outstanding security for your home. You can leave your windows open all day without the fear of pop-up rainstorms. And when you need to close them, it’s a simple turn of a crank. In addition to being great in hard to reach places, they’re also great compliments to picture windows. The contemporary feel is practical first. When they’re closed, they’re unable to be opened from the outside, making them excellent and secure basements options. These spaces can be difficult to ventilate, but awning windows are the perfect solution. 

If you’re searching for efficient and secure window options for all seasons, look no further than awning windows from Bennett Contracting. Contact us today to learn more about our window replacement services, including awning windows.

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