3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Replacement Windows

Replacing windows can be quite an exciting process as it improves the overall look of the home, seals out unwanted cold and heat and saves an immense amount of money on energy bills. Prior to actually having the windows replaced, you will want to make sure you fully prepare your home.

Make Room

The window installers will need plenty of access to the room as well as the windows themselves. Regardless of how small the windows may be, the installers will still need a clear path so be sure to clear obstacles. If there are stairs involved, these should be cleared and all furniture in the way of the windows needs to be pushed aside. Uninstall window dressings and any security system sensors.

Allow Access

If you will be away during the window installation, make sure the installers have access to the both inside and outside of the home. Keep doors unlocked and have exterior gates opened. Discuss your schedule with the window installers and if you have animals, make sure they are kenneled.

Use Drop Cloths

Many window installations are as easy as popping out the old windows and installing the new ones, with most of the work done on the exterior.  If your window installation is more complicated than that or your old windows have lead based paint, the installers at Bennett Contracting will bring our own drop cloths, heppa vacs and cleaning materials to insure a safe EPA compliant job.

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