Top 5 Mistakes of Deck Building

Building a deck for your home can be a great invest for your family, and if built properly you can expect to use that deck for multiple barbecues. Making sure that your new deck is properly designed and built should be your main concern during the project. Here are the top five mistakes made when building a deck.

Installing Incorrect Fasteners
One of the first things that should be discussed when designing your new deck is how it is going to be attached to your home. The way you choose to attach your deck to your home will determine the safety and durability

Inexperienced contractors will often undersize the footings to a deck, and that can lead to multiple issues in the future.  Your deck base is determined by your footing, and if your footing is off, then the structure of the base will suffer. Uneven footing can cause warping, sagging or even the collapse of your new deck.

Forgetting to obtain a building permit
Obtaining a permit to build you new deck is the first step that every homeowner and contractor should do when starting their project. If you forget to apply for a permit through your city’s  building inspector, it can cost you hundreds in fines from the city. Most permit applications require specifications and blueprint of the deck you want to build. It is the City’s building inspector’s job to verify if your plans meet the local safety and building codes. We recommend that you visit your city’s building inspectors office before beginning construction on your new deck.

Properly installing Flashing
Flashings are a thin sheet or strip of water-resistant material that direct water flow away from your home. Improperly installing flashing can allow water to enter into your home at the point where the deck connects to your home. If enough water enters through the flashing, it can cause erosion to the structure of your home and deck.

The material you choose to build your deck should be able to hold up against the elements. Living in New York, we experience a lot of snow and rain throughout the year, so using material that is weather resistant is important to prevent deterioration and rot. We recommend using materials that are designed to hold up all weather for example treated wood.

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