Functional and Beautiful Front Porch and Door Canopy Installed in Albany, NY

There are two very good reasons to reasons to call Bennett Contracting to design and build your new front porch and door canopy. The first reason is to change the look of your home from plain to sensational, which is what happened at this local Albany home. The second reason is winter safety. A quality door canopy protects you door and steps from snow and ice, making them safer and easier to maintain all winter long. An additional feature that is added to most door canopies are sensor lighting system, which comes in handy during the night.

The benefit of having a door canopy can help homeowners save money on electric bills and can improve the exterior look of your home. Another factor is that a door canopy can increase the value of your home because the street view from your home is one of the first things a home buyer will see, and having a great first impression is always important.