Home Remodeling in Latham, NY

Bennett Contracting is proud to offer home remodeling services to the community of Latham, NY. Latham is a community just north of Albany off of U.S. Route 9 and has a population of 20,736. We have served the community of Latham for over 100 years and with an experienced team, we are prepared for any remodeling task you need for your home.

Our skilled carpenters are experts in REBUILDING PORCHES as well as restoring them to be historically accurate. We also provide CERTAINTEED VINYL SIDING, letting you choose from a wide-range of options when it comes to your next big SIDING project.

For homeowners seeking new WINDOWS AND DOORS, we have an array of resources to help you select the perfect window. Bennett Contracting is dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the right size, shape and color door.  Regardless of the brand, we can install any window that is accessible to us and will certainly find the brand that matches your exact needs.

Homeowners are constantly looking to transform their homes whether it’s adding a new porch, deck or sunroom. Bennett Contracting is always happy to assist homeowners who are creating a LARGER SPACE that matches the rest of their home.

For more information regarding Bennett Contracting’s home remodeling services in Latham, NY call us at 518-462-6731.