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Modernized Kitchen in Albany NY

When you own a home in Albany that was built in the eighteen hundreds and then remodeled in the 1960’s, you can get a pretty weird mix of old and new -like big old cast iron radiators with Jetson’s Formica countertops […]

Delmar Kitchen Remodel

This Delmar homeowner was planning a simple kitchen update when she contacted Bennett Contracting.  Project Manager Brian saw the potential for much more and brought in staff designer Justina.  Justina provided full-color 3D drawings of what the kitchen could be, […]

Should I Get My Deck Resurfaced?

Many homeowners still have wood decks which often leave them and their little ones with splinters. Even if the deck is in pristine condition, it can be quite unbearable especially when walking around bare foot on hot days. Trex When […]

New Energy Star Rating on Windows

As of January 1, 2016 Energy Star has released new performance requirements for the Northern Climate Zone. In order to qualify, windows must have NFRC-certified U-factor as well as Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) ratings that meet or exceed the […]

Pros & Cons of Window Replacement

If you notice a broken window, you may open the laptop and begin browsing for window replacement services. It is important to understand when you need to simply fix your window or when to replace it. The condition of the […]