Which Type of Siding is Right for My NY Home?

Selecting the right siding for your home is crucial to enhancing the exterior; however, with the wide array of options, making the right selection can be a daunting task.

Prior to choosing your material, there are several elements to take into account in order to make the correct decision.

Water Resistant Material – Some materials are more water resistant than others which can help to prevent decay from moisture.

Energy Efficient – All siding comes with an R-value which measures energy efficiency. A high thermal insulation is indicated when the R value is higher.

Aesthetics – One of the major factors that homeowners take into account is the aesthetics of the siding. Color and texture are extremely important when deciding on the perfect siding material. Vinyl siding has an incredibly large selection of colors while brick and stone are quite limited.

Durability – It’s critical to pay close attention to the lifespan of your siding. For instance, stucco siding can last a lifetime and may only need to be painted every seven years. Consider the weather in New York as well as insects before making your purchase.

Types of Siding

Vinyl is the most popular type of siding as it’s aesthetically pleasing, durable and perfect for those on a budget. Vinyl siding is offered in horizontal and vertical panels, fish scales, board n batten, dutch lap, shakes, beaded and shingles. The best part is they are typically under warranty for 30-40 years.

For those seeking a retro style, metal siding may be your best bet. Aluminum and steel siding does not rot and it can withstand brutal New York winters. It’s also fire resistant, eco-friendly and there is no fading of color.

Wood siding provides a natural exterior, making the home appear more inviting. There are numerous types of wood to select from, including spruce, pine, cedar and redwood. If damaged, the wood can be replaced in smaller quantities.

Brick siding lasts a lifetime, offers an elegant look and it’s termite-free! It also never needs to be repainted and will not fade.

There are numerous amounts of siding options available for those looking to upgrade their New York home. For more information or to purchase new siding for your home, contact Bennett Contracting at 518.462.6731.