Exploring Different Types of Siding

vinyl siding on homeSiding is used to create a weather resistant exterior for the walls of a home; some siding is strictly for decorative effect. Siding can be wood, but synthetic materials can be used as well such as fiber cement board, vinyl and metal.  Synthetic materials need less maintenance than wood and are usually factory finished instead of painted in place.

Take a look at some popular siding options:

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular options in the United States as it is offered in a many realistic colors and styles. Both the low cost and flexibility of vinyl siding make this a strong choice for homeowners. For those that prefer do-it-yourself products, vinyl siding only requires a few tools to install.

Wood Siding

Often used for Cape Cod and cottage exteriors, wood siding offers a rich look and is extremely durable when properly maintained. Depending on how often you maintain the wood, this siding can last from 10 to 100 years.

Wood siding is also offered in clapboard, shakes, and shingles. Clapboard siding incorporates planks of wood which are installed horizontally with an upper piece overlapping the lower piece. Two of the best choices include western red cedar and redwood.

Brick Siding

Commonly found on Colonial, Tudor and English cottage exteriors, brick siding is made from fired clay and is offered in a variety of sizes and textures. Generally, brick siding is a veneer that is constructed outside of a home’s wood frame structure. Mortar is used to the hold the bricks together. Brick is more labor-intensive so the cost is higher but it also lasts the life of your house.

Stone Siding

For homeowners seeking texture on the exterior of their house, granite and limestone are a solid choice. Both are extremely durable but are more costly due to the difficulty of installation.

Stone-veneer is lightweight and less expensive than natural stone. Curb appeal can be enhanced due to the many style choices available and with annual cleaning, this siding can last a lifetime.

Above are the most common types of home siding but there are several other options available such as stucco siding and fiber-cement siding. If you need siding installed on your New York home, contact Bennett Contracting at 518.462.6731.