A key component of any good construction company is its people. At Bennett we take pride in knowing that our people are the best in their field.  From our highly professional office staff to our expert carpenters and craftsmen, Bennett guarantees the best in service on all of our customer’s projects.

our teamFamily Owned and Operated.  Greg Jackson and Paul Gutman have been leading
 Bennett Contracting for 40 years and continue
 to be involved in the day-to-day operation of the company.  They have been joined by Andy Gutman (CFO) and Kevin Gutman (Sales Manager) to ensure that the company is safely on its way to a second one hundred years in business.  Firsthand involvement by the owners ensures that Bennett’s high standards of quality, trust, reliability and value are passed on to every customer on every project.


Fully staffed home office. Call Bennett and immediately connect with one of our professional office staff who will get you the answers you need, when you need them. No worrying about messages left on home answering machines that won’t reach your contractor, or getting lost in the system at the larger home improvement centers. Front Office (edit)Safety First.  Bennett holds weekly Safety Meetings in which our carpenters discuss ways to improve our safety, workmanship and customer service.

Safety Meeting

Meet Our Professionals in the Field.  Employing a full-time, in-house staff of over 60 skilled professionals enables us to ensure that Bennett’s high standards of quality and service are met at each step throughout the duration of a project.

Project Managers

steveSteve Drozdyk
george_griffinGeorge Griffin
kevin_gutmanKevin Gutman
Andy GutmanAndy Gutman
anthony_bonackerAnthony Mulligan
20131105_EmployeePhoto_30Bryan Olmstead
Steve ShanholtzSteve Shanholtz
Tony CicchinoTony Cicchino

Service Experts

travis_coeTravis Coe
mike_donnellyMike Donnelly
john_gilmanJohn Gilman
Dave MaloneDave Malone
Ryan JonesRyan Jones
Bill BrownBill Brown

Skilled Carpenters

Andrew DowenAndrew Dowen
Adam WrightAdam Wright
Bill MattisonBill Mattison
bob_dowenBob Dowen
bob_picardBob Picard
brian_halmeBrian Halme
brian_pettitBrian Pettit
charles_mcguirkCharles McGuirk
chris_brozowskiChris Brozowski
Chris WatsonChris Watson
codyCody Trier
Dave BakerDave Baker
dave_clarkDave Clark
Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson
eric_gumprechtEric Gumprecht
Glen PierceGlen Pierce
Ian BeateaseIan Beatease
IMG_3999Jason Watson
Jim GrassoJim Grasso
Jeremy YerdonJeremy Yerdon
joe_cassidyJoe Cassidy
john_lapishkaJohn Lapishka
john_schillingerJohn Schillinger
Jon Stokoe JrJon Stokoe Jr
Jon Stokoe SrJon Stokoe Sr
joseph_henaghanJoseph Henaghan
Josh RebeorJosh Rebeor
Julian ChristianoJulian Christiano
Kyle GrupeKyle Grupe
Kyle WalterKyle Walter
larry_yerdonLarry Yerdon
mike_brennanMike Brennan
rick_martucciRick Martucci
Rob BronkRob Bronk
Rob JonesRob Jones
Ryan RaymondRyan Raymond
Ryan SmithRyan Smith
Sean McCormickSean McCormick
Sharif MohamedSharif Mohamed
Steve MoyerSteve Moyer
Tom LadukeTom Laduke
IMG_3997Tony Sroka
joe_contiJoe Contes